• Todo Lists

    Sat, 23 Feb 2019 12:31:07 +0100Posted by André Landwehr


    For years and years I tried different ways to organize my todos, but I was never quite content with what I found. The big mistake I made was that I looked for a tool, implicitly expecting the tool to bring along a way to work with it that magically suited my needs. This of course could not work, as I have realized now. When I finally discovered the Android app SimpleTask and dived into the help texts, I found out about two different ways to structure one's todos, namely 1MTD (the one minute todo list) and MYN (master your now), with the latter being an extension of the first. I evaluated both and for me 1MTD turned out to be exactly what I need, although with some personalization regarding sort order and naming of the three categories. Go ahead and google both approaches if todo lists are a problem for you as well!
    For the tool side of the problem, I stuck with SimpleTask. It manages the todo items in a todo.txt file (todo.txt is an open standard format for todos) and allows me to keep the list directly on my Nextcloud, no manual syncing required. SimpleTask supports MYN as well as 1MTD and in addition to the clickable features it also understands the <em>rec:</em> tag of todo.txt, thereby allowing recurring events to be defined as well. Well there is not much more to say about the app, it just works and doesn't get in the way!