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Portrait of Andre Landwehr

Andre Landwehr is head of electronics development in the R&D department of Martin Lehmann GmbH & Co.KG, a German manufacturer of locking systems. Andre's team of software and hardware engineers is responsible for the development of electronic locking systems. In his previous job at adp Gauselmann, he lead a team of mechanical construction, software and test engineers developing cash recycling systems. Before that Andre worked as manager for software in the Concepts Engineering department at Loewe, a German manufacturer of premium TV sets. Prior to that, he was a software developer at Wincor Nixdorf, a manufacturer of ATM machines.

Andre's professional interest lies in all things related to embedded software development, including development of the associated hardware, team leadership and project management.

In his private life, Andre is married to Carolin Landwehr, the founder of Cardlove.de. They have a child and are living in Minden, Germany. In their free time, they enjoy cycling, small hiking tours, playing tabletennis and swimming.


Andre's CV is availabe in PDF format here.